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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 19th

Welcome to the jungle! Today we started our day with a nature walk through the Arenal Hanging Bridges. We saw an abundance of wildlife and were able to experience the humidity of the rainforest. Three species of monkeys were spotted including the howler, spider,and white faced. Additionally, we encountered some posionous creatures such as the posion dart frog and two viper snakes. Toucans, macaws, and various other bird species were spotted at different times throughout the walk. The highlight of our hike was crossing the suspended bridges, some reaching heights of nearly 250 feet! We then enjoyed lunch on our own in the town of La Fortuna, and were able to have some free time to browse local stores. Loading back onto the bus, we traveled to a local farm where we learned how brown sugar was made in the early days. We then continued to a local school where young children demonstrated traditional Costa Rican dances. Just as the rain began to fall, we made it back to the farm to taste fresh fruits like pineappe, papaya, bananas, starfruit, lime, and passion fruit among others. Next, we ventured to the hot springs to enjoy a relaxing night. We then finished up our day with a dinner of steak, chicken, rice, beans, and rice pudding.

Peace Out
International Harvesters
Melissa McDonald, Lara Davis, Dustin Doherty, TJ Hines, Ben Hutto, Brian Holman, David Gibbens, Rex Price, Kurt VanDeWalle


At June 20, 2009 at 2:54 PM , Anonymous Judy Ten Eyck said...

Hi to Elizabeth (Steele) and the whole FFA group! We at home are reading your blogs and downloading the photos in them, and checking info from your itinerary on the internet. We are so excited that you're all having the experience of a lifetime--hooray for FFA! Your day was wonderful.....we truly wish we were there too! Thanks to Cindy Hefner for posting info--we'll be reading it each day. Hugs from Gran.


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