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Monday, January 11, 2010

China – Day Five – January 11

Day Five – January 11

Have you ever heard the rumor that foreign countries such as China do not easily accept American people? Well we, as the Karate Kids have all agreed and come to the conclusion that this rumor is false. Let us explain…

We started off the morning by traveling outside the city of Xian to a local farming village. When we arrived, we were greeted with a very warm welcome from the farmers as well as several government officials. This farming village consisted of over 300 greenhouses covering approximately 10,000 acres. This particular village is considered to be one of the most advanced farming operations in the area. We were surprised to see what looked like dug out pits, with clay walls, and covered with straw tops. Each of us had the opportunity to go down through a tunnel to visit the underground greenhouses. We viewed many types of vegetables and also realized that the inside very closely resembled the typical American greenhouse. The farmers at this village make on average, 5500 Yuan, which equates to nine hundred U.S. dollars annually.

Our next stop for the day was a “prominent” Chinese farmer’s home. For this to be considered an upscale home, we were again surprised at what we found. A 55’’ flat screen, disco lights, and no indoor plumbing or centralized heating.

After enjoying a buffet style lunch consisting of spaghetti and potatoes, we then headed to the Wild Goose Pagoda. This being an active place of worship, we witnessed several monks and local people practicing Buddhism. Just like many of the museums and buildings we have previously visited, the temple was no exception. Being very intricately detailed of gold, we again stood in awe. Our tour guide Ms. Linda informed our group that 70% of the Chinese population claim atheists or no religion at all. The thought of heaven and hell is not based on religion, but is a part of their culture.

What have each of us taken for granted the most on this trip? American cuisine! Following the Wild Goose Pagoda, we got to treat ourselves to Dairy Queen, Coffee, and Pizza Hut. After one blizzard at DQ, several went back for a second round.

Not one of us will deny the fact that it seems as if all we did today was eat & eat! Next on the agenda for the 46 students in the group was another buffet style dinner featuring fish, french fries, and again spaghetti. Tonight we also reflected on our experiences while in China thus far, we discussed quality of living, government differences, and things each of us take for granted daily. As our night comes to an end, many of us are looking forward to massages and a few rounds of cards before an early morning flight to Shanghai. To our many followers, we love you all very much and anxiously await sharing our stories and pictures with each of you.

From the polluted city of Xian,
Karate Kids


At January 11, 2010 at 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like all of you are having wonderful experiences in China and learning so much! I'm sharing your blogs with my classes and they are enjoying reading about your adventures! This is our 4th night of temps below 32 and Strawberry farmers are coating their berries with ice to save them; so there will be plenty to ship around the US to all your grocery stores! Love to all, be safe and have fun! Caitlin Cribbs's mom, Plant City, Florida and Turkey Creek Middle School 8th grade language arts students

At January 12, 2010 at 5:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just clicked on the group picture at the Great Wall. It sent shivers down my back. YOU ARE REALLY THERE! So proud of you all. Hey Babe you are looking good! Love Dad

At January 12, 2010 at 8:44 AM , Anonymous Alice Gonzalez said...

Well I'm sure glad all of you are doing great and enjoying your trip. Take advantage of all the different cuisine because your trip will be over before you know it. There will be plenty of time to eat your favorites like burgers and fries. I'll be waiting for Lora with her favorite mexican dish of enchiladas, tamales or chicken mole. You're all welcome to join us here deep in south Texas where the temperture is currently about 60 degrees.
Love to ya'll and may God bless you and keep you well and safe! Missing you and love always, Rolando Alice and Jessica Gonzalez

At January 12, 2010 at 4:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are enjoying hearing about your adventures in China. The pictures are great too! It has been 4 straight nights below 32 here and Strawberry farmers are working to save the berries. Can't wait to see all your pictures when you get home. Stay warm and stay safe! Love Caitlin Cribbs's mom and 8th grade Language Arts students at Turkey Creek Middle School, Plant City, Florida


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