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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet FFA's First Lumberjack Team

The Wamogo High School FFA Chapter in Connecticut recently started what is believed to be the first-ever FFA Lumberjack Team.

Before the invention of chainsaws, feller-bunchers and other modern logging equipment, lumberjacks were men who harvested and transported trees for processing into lumber and other forest products. Today, we usually refer to people who work in this industry as "loggers."

Today's lumberjack and lumberjill can be found at Timbersports competitions. These competitions acknowledge the rich history of forestry and logging and keep agricultural traditions alive.

The Wamogo FFA team participated in their first competitions this past fall at two local fairs in Goshen and Bethlehem, Conn.

Events included the axe throw, two person cross cut saw, and log roll.

The members are planning to add the Jack and Jill cross cut next year, and the Bow Saw in two years.

In this year's events, team member Erik Bagley placed 6th out of more than 50 participants in the axe through at the Goshen fair. And, the team placed in the log roll at the Bethlehem fair.

The lumberjack team got its start with the help of professional lumberjill Shannon Strong of Warren, Conn. Shannon was a participant in ESPN's "Great Outdoor Games."

The team's members are Patrick Lucas, Hunter Garlasco, Erik Bagley, Matt Squires, Devin Savoy and Kimi Sekorski.

Want to learn more about logging and forestry careers?

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