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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lizards, frogs and crocodiles - Day 2 in Costa Rica

Hello, loyal followers!

Day two in the great country of Costa Rica started out with a delicious breakfast at the Gran Hotel in San Jose. After we loaded the buses we took the scenic route through the mountainous country side seeing many waterfalls, exotic plants, and dangerously curvy and narrow roads.

After crossing the continental divide we made our first stop at a fruit stand where we enjoyed sweet mangos, delicious Nanci, locally grown cashews, fresh bananas, and hearts of palm.

After buying some of the local produce we continued to the cacoa farm where we crossed a treacherous bridge and learned all about the history of chocolate and how it was first made.

After enjoying some freshly made chocolate treats, we had the opportunity to enjoy some more Costa Rican cuisine, which, of course, included fresh pineapple!

As a storm began to brew, we were off to the Dole banana farm for a very informative history and tour of the production process, however, due to the lightening, our trip to the fields were the bananas are grown was cut short. We headed back to the hotel, or rather, our bungalows, in Sarapiqui for some downtime and a fun evening spent with our group.

Lizards, frogs, and crocodiles have all been spotted from our little resort by the river, as well as a few choice bugs currently attacking the computer screen! We are finishing up the night with an evening swim as well as the technologically advanced, air conditioned rooms! Hope all is well on state sides! Lots of love from Costa Rica!

Group Shark Bait signing off!

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