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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 5 Costa Rica Experience

Blog for June 22

The day started off on a sad note as we departed from our "new" houses (a.k.a. our host family's houses). Then we were off to start our adventure at the local farmer's cooperative where we were given the opportunity to purchase an authentic machete. After that we split into our different buses and headed to the mini-vegetable farm. We were able to see how they grow and package different types of produce including: carrots, broccoli, beats, celery, parsley, and cabbage. It was interesting to learn that just four employees work over eleven acres of land doing everything by hand. The majority of the vegetables went to a local market but some was exported to the United States, primarily Miami, as well as Italy. We then traveled to a coffee plantation, where we learned how coffee beans were harvested. We were able to learn the process from seed to store. This was also a family operated farm where all of their merchandise is distributed over the Internet and in local stores. We drank lots of coffee and ate yummy chocolate covered coffee beans. Some of us bought wayyy too much stuff for our beloved family back home. Afterwards, we had a very late lunch. Followed by a very, very long bus ride through the rain....with only one bathroom break! We finally arrived at our hotel (airconditioned!! yippee!!) at 7:15pm. We were greeted with a refreshing pineapple drink as we departed from the bus and checked into our hotel rooms. We were also able to try a mimone fruit, a spiny fruit with a big seed in the middle surrounded by a sweet, fleshy fruit. The day ended with a delicious dinner, and a celebration of Melody's birthday.

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