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Friday, January 15, 2010

China - Day Seven - January 13

Hey everyone!

What a big day we have had today! We experienced a lot of things, which will be memorable.

We started our day at a goose farm. It was rather cold, however it was still very much an adventure. We saw 5,500 geese on the farm, and the farm produced 165,000 eggs each year!

We then traveled to a tea farm and saw a very large operation. The farm has been operating for two generations. We were then invited into the owner’s house where we were treated to some tea and homegrown oranges. We also were able to tour her house.

A silk farm was our next stop. Who would have ever guessed a worm (which grew to full size in 25 days) could produce such a valuable product. We also had the opportunity to watch how silk was collected and made. A stop at the gift shop was also an adventure. Seeing how many products could be made from such a simple resource is amazing!

Some of us opted to go to a boat ride at night. It showcased some of Shanghai Huangpu River’s buildings, lit up to display a different view you would not see during the day. Seeing the World Finance Center (which is the second largest building in the world) lit up in such a colorful array of colors was the highlight of the cruise.

Gu Mai Dang Lao (Old McDonald)

o Mr. John Rakestraw – Agra Holdings
o Michelle - VA
o Ashley - TN
o Amanda - NE
o Nathan - FL
o Tyson - OR
o Jordan - NE
o Bev - MO
o Ellen - IL
o Chris - TN
o Taylor - VA
o Jonathon - MI


At January 15, 2010 at 7:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gu Mai Dang Lao FFA Team,

Thank you for posting about all your adventures. Looking forward to hearing some firsthand reports from Ashley and Neil in TN. Your trip to China has been full of new sights and experiences but you are missed. Welcome Home! Just read that your fight to San Franciso, CA has landed. (;

Aunt Joan & Uncle Al


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