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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adventuras de Argentina

This morning, we opened our innocent eyes to a gorgeous buffet breakfast. Small groups assembled and boarded our buses.

We traveled along the main highway of Melincue and saw various lakes, ponds, cattle, and even some flamingos.

Upon turning down a true “dirt road,” comparable to field roads at home, we knew we were headed towards the heart of agriculture. We first stopped at a farm owned by four brothers that is 5500 hectares total in different locations, which is approximately 14,000 acres. We visited one of the locations and spoke with the farm managers. At their granja (farm) they raise cattle, soybeans, corn, and polo ponies. Their cattle are sold at the market in Buenos Aires that we will visit later in the week.

The sons of the farm owners showcase the power, agility, and obedience of the polo ponies to potential buyers. These are superior thoroughbred horses and cost about $35,000 each.

In the afternoon, we continued our dirt road travels to an old family farm that began in 1912. The current three-generation agro-tourism farm raises Hampshire Down sheep, soybeans, poultry, and a goat on 60 hectares. This family, of Italian descent, is very open to visitors and has more than 2,000 per year. The two oldest generations shared with us their production methods and how they are dealing with the changes in generations. The younger members of the family prepared us a delicious five-course meal of meats and cheeses, empanadas, salad, beef ribs, and ice cream. At the end of our visit they wished us safe travels and thanked us for coming. They encouraged us to come back to see them again if we were ever in the area again, and “not to forget Grandpa.”

This evening, our time was spent in various ways at our hotel. Some were found relaxing by the pool, or riding bikes to a nearby lake. There was an amazing sunset that led us right in for another great dinner. Everyone started out with shrimp cocktail, followed by chicken with squash, and we finished with a very sweet mousse.

After discussing the happenings of the day with our small groups, it was off to bed to get ready for another fun-filled adventure!

Triple T’s (Tenacious Tango-ing Tortillas)

Jeff, Illinois

Michael, Delaware

Danyelle, Washington

Kassie, Kansas

Elizabeth, North Carolina

Jeremy, Tennessee

Brittany, South Dakota

Jordyn, Nebraska

Valerie, Florida

Alex, Oregon

Jill, Florida

Joy, Virginia

Julianne, New Jersey

Tracee, New York

Jason, Minnesota

Mollie, Nebraska

Austin, Iowa


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