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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Costa Rica Trip - Day 4

Each year, national finalists in the proficiency awards and the American Star Awards programs are offered the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, where they experience different agricultural practices first-hand and learn about the rich history and culture of a country different from their own.

This year, fifty students are traveling on the Costa Rica trip, and have divided into five groups: chupacabra, funky monkeys, shark bait, tree frogs and half sliced pineapples. Each day one of the groups will share the experiences and thoughts from their journey.

Pura Vida!

It is said that the Caribbean side of Costa Rica receives approximately 200 inches of rain per year. It seemed as though 195 inches of that rain fell last night as a thunder storm rumbled through with nature’s fireworks illuminating the sky.

The soggy morning continued as we ventured to the rainforest. The rainforest lived up to its name as we sported our rain gear. Within the rainforests of Costa Rica, 5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found. We saw everything from Eyelash Pit Viper to Poison Dart Frogs, along with various flora, such as the Elephant Ear plant and the Palm Stilt tree. Within this rainforest we crossed 6 suspension bridges, one of which was 150 feet in the air and 300 feet long.

After the group finished up the tour of the rainforest, we had some downtime to explore the town of La Fortuna. La Fortuna received its’ name for its good fortune as the path of destruction from the volcanic eruption missed their town in 1968. It is a small tourist town that is easy to navigate and mingle with the friendly locals. The clouds finally dissipated giving us a great view of this volcano.

We finished up our night by relaxing in the volcano’s natural hot springs. Six different levels of heat intensity were offered to us as the water cooled downstream. We couldn’t think of a better way to end the eventful day than sitting in nature’s natural Jacuzzi.

After a long day, we are now settling in and preparing for tomorrow’s adventure to the Pacific Ocean.

Buenos Noches,

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