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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 4 Costa Rica Experience

Blog for June 21

Welcome from the Kinkajoos (a type of monkey)! Today after leaving from our host families, we traveled to a sugar cane plantation. We learned how to convert sugar cane into brown sugar or Dulce T. We sampled it with coffee and ate potato mash with crepes and molasses. Afterwards, we went to the actual sugar cane plantation where we saw different varieties of sugar cane and learned about their organic practices. We had lunch at La Hacienda which was a buffet lunch overlooking the beautiful valley. They showed us how to extract the juice from sugar cane and made us some molasses candy and brown sugar. It was amazing! We saw Macadamia nut trees and surrounding plants related to the potato family that gave off natural pesticide. Next, we saw the sorting proccess of the macadamia nuts and even cracked a few. We played games with the local youth including: volleyball, basketball, electricity, and corners. Kirk even found a couple of Snickers at the local super market(It was kind of a big deal)! After meeting up with our host families the group got together for an exciting fiesta, complete with bar-b-que and dancing! This is where Kyle found his future sweet woman from Holland (This was another big deal). We learned to Salsa, Dan did some shagging (big deal), Kyle tried dancing with the woman from Holland, and we all danced the night away! We went home with our host families for the second night, which was the biggest deal of all! (Btw, Kyle got locked out of the bathroom and Mr. Big Deal himself- Kyle- got it open with a credit card.)


At June 23, 2009 at 9:19 PM , Blogger Katie said...

Kirk, i'm so glad you found a snickers in Central America... Next, find a hersheys caramel bar... yum! have fun!!
-katie :)


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