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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palace, Planes, and Puerto Iguazu

***Program Manager’s Note: Due to a late evening at the Tango Show, the group didn’t blog the night of January 10. However, this post will catch you up on our last two days in beautiful Argentina! Enjoy!***

Tuesday morning started off with raindrops, but turned into a beautiful day of sunshine. We began our journey at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence where we met with United States staff and the Ambassador of Argentina herself. The U.S. staff and the Ambassador spoke about the relations between the United States and Argentina. The relationship between these two countries is good, but also difficult at times. They mentioned how the agriculture markets are very similar and how the two countries are the powerhouses of the global agriculture market.

We were also visited by the La Sociedad Rural. This was a group of young individuals ages 18 to 30. The two individuals shared information with us about how their organization functions. Compared to the U.S. their group is very similar to Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers. After their presentation, a bond was created to have future interactions that could potentially include an exchange. Before we left, we were able to tour the palace of Ambassador Martinez.

After a very busy morning full of great information, we boarded the plane and traveled to Puerto Iguazu in the Northeast part of Argentina. We are looking forward to our rainforest adventure to come.

Buenos Dias!

"John Deere Green"

Spencer, South Dakota
Erin, Minnesota
Josh, New York
Jake, Illinois
Bailey, Oregon
Karice, Michigan
Caleb, Tennessee
Wes, Virginia
Eric, New Jersey
Dakota, Nebraska
Morgan, Illinois
Liz, Minnesota
Sara, Kansas
Brianna, Virginia
Elise, Florida
Andrew, Kansas
Kerry, Nebraska


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